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Does outsourcing make you cranky?

Like you, I’ve outsourced work on websites like UpWork and Fiverr. In fact, I’ve tested just about every freelancer marketplace on the Internet – even the ones on the second page of Google.

Here’s what I see as the fundamental problems…


Most people don’t know what they need.

As a serial freelancer, I know that most clients think they need one thing but really need another thing. Or they know they need to meet X goal, but they don’t know the most cost-effective and quickest way to meet that goal.

This is why we created Freelanship with pre-packaged gigs.


There's too much noise.

There’s too much noise on conglomerates like UpWork. You can get as many as 30+ proposals in less than 30 minutes. Do you really want to go through 30+ [crappy] proposals?


Marketplaces should be curated.

With a curated marketplace — that doesn’t allow anyone and their mother to join — you get better quality work at more affordable prices.

Our founder has personally handpicked the freelancers you will work with on my marketplace, which makes me confident project completion rates will be high.


Freelancers can be a long-term, reliable solution.

The overwhelming majority of job posters are not on freelance marketplaces to build their talent pipeline of future employees, but rather to get redundant tasks completed as fast as possible.

Some of our freelancers are looking for full-time employment with the company of their dreams.


U.S. freelancers are affordable.

Only 23.9 percent of UpWork’s freelancers are U.S. based.

Most clients go to UpWork or Elance because they have a tight budget. Often, they’ll end up spending more money than they would’ve had they just paid a more experienced freelancer the first time around.

Trust me, I’ve been there; it sucks.


Normally I outsource to freelancing sites, like UpWork, but its kind of hit and miss. Using Freelanship saved me a lot of time and hassle.

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Who is behind this?

That'd be me - Lauren Holliday. I'm an experienced full-stack marketer, who has worked with companies, like HubSpot, SitePoint, Entrepreneur and The Economist.

My words and ideas have been featured in TIME, The Muse, Fortune, Inc, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The Economist and more.


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